Our privacy policy and terms of use outlines and constitutes a binding agreement between you as another party and Spectrum and its affiliates and subsidiaries. The privacy policy and terms of use cover in conjunction how we collect, use and store your data regarding the spectrum.hk website. These terms of use and privacy policy also extend to cover items including those around our community, product and service pricing and of the law to which we are all subject.


We utilise cookies for our site, which over time assists the development and enhancement of our products and services. The information that we collect through this technology is subject to our policies on disclosure, where the collected information about how you interact with our website is information that we do not in our usual Spectrum operations share with third parties.

As a member of the Spectrum community, which you will become through either having a profile with us or enrolling in one of our services, the use of cookies enables our future improvements. By being either a community member of Spectrum or a general user of our website, you openly acknowledge and accept to the gathering of statistics regarding your usage through cookies.


All Spectrum community members and students will have personal and private information stored with us on our database. We do not as a part of our operations disclose any of this information to third parties, nor is it our intent to do so in the future. Your private information will with us remain private unless we are compelled by law to provide this to authorities, under which circumstances the individual or party would be in a position of breaching our terms of use.


Periodically, we may send you marketing communications, email notifications regarding updates to Spectrum services (in the format of newsletters or like-communications) and information, and other communications regarding your enrolments with us. You have the ability to unsubscribe or opt out from these communications with us at any point in time. If there for any reason should not be a link to do this within an email directly, you can contact hello@spectrum.hk to opt-out.


Prior to the publishing of any personal information that is present alongside endorsements of our Spectrum products or services, we obtain written customer consent prior to doing so.

Payment Information

When you provide us with credit card information, it is used solely for the purpose of processing payment for your products or services which you have chosen with Spectrum. In the instance where a third-party service provider manages this processing, they are not permitted to store, retain, or use information you provide except for the sole purpose of processing on our behalf.

Information lifecycle

By acknowledging our policy around information collection and usage, Spectrum community members and general users of our website also accept that this information can and will be held onto for as long as it is deemed useful in shaping our future products or services. To be noted, Spectrum may also be legally prohibited from discarding this information even upon request, though if you would like to discuss your personal information collected by us and whether or not it can be deleted from our records, please contact us at hello@spectrum.hk to find out more.

Compelled Disclosure

We reserve the right to use or disclose your personal information if required by law or if we reasonably believe that use or disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, your safety or the safety of others, to investigate fraud, or to comply with the law, a court order or legal process.

Community Member Risk

We reserve the right to terminate membership between us and any party within our community where behaviour is deemed to put other members, Spectrum or our partners at risk. We strive to provide an engaging and safe community experience for our members, so although we hope to avoid exercising this right, please be reminded that our obligations are to respect the law and to work towards building a community environment at Spectrum that is welcoming for all.

Revisions to Terms

We reserve the right to at any time, in our sole discretion, revise our terms of use and privacy policy in whole or in part. This will be done by posting an updated version to the same location which is accessible by navigating via the footer section of our spectrum.hk website. Changes of this nature are effective as soon as they are made available on this website. Due to the possibility of our terms of use and privacy policy changing, you hereby agree to visit this page periodically to review the most current terms of use and privacy policy made available by Spectrum, where your continued use of Spectrum products or services, constitutes your binding acceptance.

Revisions to Pricing

With the same obligations that arise through accepting revisions to terms of use and privacy policies, it is to be noted that we may also change our product and service prices where we see the need to do so. Therefore, it is for our customers, community members and website users to accept that our website must be checked regularly due to the possibility of price changes that can impact on your experience with us. Financial loss that is incurred through a failure to keep updated with our terms of use and privacy policy is deemed to be negligent where the burden of such loss is to be completely accepted by yourself as the user.

Payments & Refunds

Our payment options and refund details are outlined in full on our course application page.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions beyond the information supplied within our terms of use or privacy policy, or believe that we are missing items that ought to be included pertaining to data collection, usage, storage, or otherwise please detail this in an email to hello@spectrum.hk